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Category: Birth Control

Birth Control

Here is the list of Birth Control medicine which you can buy in our pharmacy with fast delivery to New Zealand:

NZ $106.38
Plan B
Levonorgestrel is a hormone used to prevent pregnancy. It is taken just after the intercourse, if no contraceptive methods were used during it, or the used method was not reliable.
NZ $167.9
Ortho Tri-Cyclen
Norgestimate / Ethinyl estradiol
Ortho Tri-Cyclen is a formulation of female hormones used orally to prevent pregnancy.
NZ $149.61
Ethinyl estradiol / Norgestrel
Ovral is combination of hormones used as a contraception medication.
NZ $69.81
Levonorgestrel / Ethinyl estradiol
Alesse is used to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.
NZ $83.11
Ethinyl estradiol / Levonorgestrel
Levlen is a hormonal oral contraception medication, it prevents ovulation and pregnancy.
NZ $61.5
Desogestrel / Ethinyl estradiol
Mircette is a combination of female hormones used to prevent ovulation and pregnancy.
NZ $79.78
Duphaston is a synthetic hormone applied in treatment of secondary amenorrhoea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and post-menopausal symptoms.
NZ $46.53
Desogestrel / Ethinyl estradiol
Desogen contains a combination of of female hormones desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol, they prevent pregnacy.
NZ $109.71
Drospirenone / Ethinyl Estradiol
Yasmin is a hormonal formulation used to as a contraception drug to prevent pregnancy.